Enabling asset managers to enhance investment decisions

OneSixtyTwo Technologies provides both the technology infrastructure and implementation expertise to develop data systems that leverage the latest financial data and analytics to improve investment analysis and reporting. Our technology enables asset managers to access clean, standardized financial data from the industry's leading data providers. Our team is comprised of developers, data scientists, and finance professionals who customize our solutions based on your needs.

162Grid: Our Technology


  • Our engine integrates data from the industry’s most trusted source: Bloomberg. Soon we will allow clients to incorporate data from other vendors
  • Each dataset is subject to ongoing cleaning, structuring, and overlaying of calculations and aggregations, to improve the investment intelligence of fund managers
  • Flexibility in our technology’s architecture allows for raw data to be pulled from new datasets, new factors to be added, and analysis to be customized based on the clients’ needs

Hands-On Service


Our team is comprised of data scientists, engineers, and finance professionals experienced in the implementation of data solutions for fund managers.

Our team can guide funds in:

  • Assessing how and where data could improve their analytical approach
  • Establishing a clean, standardized database of financial & alternative data to inform their investment decision making
  • Systematizing recurring investment analyses
  • Developing customized reports and dashboards for non-technical fund managers